Committed to creating optimism through our work, we are a different style of brand agency. Check out a handful of our projects and see how we work and think.


Hall Works Financial Services.

We helped Hall Works complete identity and connected the client to social media and content creation, raising the value of their product and connecting them to the clients they were looking for.



citizen brand “Something Beautiful” identity.

Business cards, street posters, direct mail, limited edition t-shirts and more.

Brand Canada.

What are the elements that make up a country’s identity? What makes Canada distinctly Canadian? Just like every brand, Canada has its own unique values. We have worked to explore, cultivate, and elevate the brand of our nation and this experience informs our business today. Some of our past and current Brand Canada projects include:

The Canadian Design Resource. Principal of cb, Todd Falkowsky, co-founded The Canadian Design Resource in 2006, which became the first digital platform to nurture and promote Canadian design and material culture. The CDR aims to be a complete record of design in the country from ancient aboriginal design to contemporary work, and has become the official home base for everything Canadian design.

National Colour Palette, Walrus Magazine. Colour has the potential to express the essence of a time, place or object. This project is an exploration of our country through colour. The capital of each province and territory of Canada along with Ottawa are represented and the results are up to interpretation: surprising, visceral, and ideally inspiring.

Material Culture in the Information Age. The things we produce and consume are symbols for the meaning and expression of our cultural identity. This exhibit, lecture and master class, held at Toronto’s Harbourfront Centre, explored our understanding of Canada’s national identity through a range of mediums including narrative, symbol, texture, and form.

Cabin. Credited with sparking a shift toward a confident Canadian design aesthetic, this internationally acclaimed touring exhibit was a collection of contemporary designers’ interpretation of the mythology of the wilderness escape – the Cabin.


Something Nice Campaign.

Amid all the bad news and negativity in the world today, these simple street posters perpetuate warmth and optimism. Designed to capture attention and create awareness of the moment: suddenly, an opportunity to do something nice. Tear away a tab and keep it for yourself or give it away. A gentle, unassuming and public way to spread some goodness, Something Nice is for everyone.



A souvenir penny press transformed into a producer of pocket-sized, affordable, original works of art. Originally launched in Toronto with work by Burton Kramer, Douglas Coupland, Marian Bantjes and Paul Butler, PennySmash now includes a second penny press in Vancouver. This new and westcoast-centric project includes work from Ken Lum, Jerszy Seymour, Natalie Purschwitz and Ian Grais of Rethink Communications. The project launched in November 2011 at the Vancouver Art Gallery.